Security Testing


Assesses the overall organizational security posture by scanning for vulnerabilities in hardware, facility, software, processes, and humans and exploiting those identified weaknesses in order to simulate what information can be exfiltrated by hackers. Then recommendations on how to guard against those vulnerabilities will be reported. Re-scan will be performed after fixing the detected weaknesses and report results will be shared with the client as well with resolution measures to solve any remaining or newly detected vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness


Social Engineering is the biggest cybersecurity threat nowadays that targets the weakest link (Human element) in the security chain. Security Awareness is the only control that guards against Social Engineering with the objectives of developing an information security culture through making staff aware of their security responsibilities, highlighting the importance of protecting data and guiding staff about best practices for data protection. At tfkeir; we design, develop, execute and evaluate a customized security awareness program for organizations who are keen to protecting their informational assets.

Security Compliance


Security Compliance
It Is a legal concern for organizations in many industries today comply with regulatory standards like ISO27001, ISO-22301 and ISO-20000 that prescribe recommendations for protecting data and improving info security management in the enterprise. In demonstrating security compliance, enterprises are better able to define and achieve specific IT security goals as well as mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks through processes like vulnerability management. In some cases, such as with HIPAA, failure to achieve and maintain security compliance can result in financial and legal penalties.

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